Hello there, lovely reader! Welcome to Sam’s Kitchen – my little foodie heaven.
If you are as passionate about food as I am and I don’t mean cooking only, looking at it counts too, you are right at home here!
Here, you will find many homely recipes that are illustrated in step by step pictures. The recipes are easy to follow, food is delicious, colourful, nutritious and most of all it is real and simple ( no “scary” ingredients or methods ).


By choosing a suitable recipe, cooking can turn into a pleasurable venture, a sort of a therapy with a delicious outcome. I’m hoping that the recipes I share on this blog are of the “suitable” kind for you and that they will bring as much joy to your kitchen as they do to mine.

dsc_4086I’m a big believer of “You are what You eat” and I believe in eating a little bit of everything as long as there are no medical restrictions. I’m talking about real, homemade goods that are free from additives and preservatives. I don’t shy away from using sugar and flour, butter and oils in my recipes, but I believe in moderation.  And after all, isn’t it so enjoyable to treat yourself once in a while to a “naughty” slice of cake or aromatic, freshly baked bread topped with butter? Well,  I think it is a necessary kind of treatment we all benefit from now and then.


DSC_2519I was born and grew up in Azerbaijan, Baku. In my early 20s, I moved to Australia ( my childhood dream come true ) I just loved the idea of the all year around warmth and the sunshine, but sometimes I think I’ve been fooled a little as it does get pretty cold here. I’m a mother to two beautiful children, a girl and a boy. You will often see my little assistants in my posts, they love helping me in the kitchen and often work as my  “guinea pigs” to try out new kid friendly recipes. And recently we got a “little” addition to our family, a labradoodle puppy, we called him Marley. He is just adorable and the best dog we could possibly wish for. We love him dearly, regardless of his food thieving tendencies.

We are based in a pretty little town on the southwest coast of Western Australia – Margaret River. It’s a winemaking region with beautiful countryside, and breathtaking beaches washed by the Indian Ocean. I believe it’s one of the most picturesque places in the world!


It excites and makes me so happy to have this wonderful opportunity to be able to share my foodie joy with you all!
Thank you for visiting Sam’s Kitchen, and I truly hope you will keep visiting and enjoying the recipes and photographs.

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Happy cooking!

Much Love

Samira Damirova


updated 14/05/2016